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Businesses need an ally with the solutions that enable them to meet their IT management and primary business objectives simultaneously. Wasla Outsourcing has developed streamlined IT managed services that support our clients in full life-cycle IT management that is maximized through the continuous use of superb tools, teams and procedures.

Outsourcing IT Managed Services through Wasla Outsourcing simply means that we act as our clients’ virtual IT team, providing telephone and desk-side support to their end-users. Our professionals manage clients’ servers, networks and applications, ensuring that their systems are secure while implementing transformational projects to keep them up-to-date and to address their changing business needs.


There are many reasons why a company would benefit from outsourcing the operations and management of their IT infrastructure.

Remote Problem Remediation
Reduced Operating Costs
Comprehensive Service Offerings
Professionals in Various Disciplines

A complex IT infrastructure is necessary in even the most simple of today’s business ventures. In the current business landscape, the availability of appropriate technology can be the difference between success and failure. Yet many companies have found themselves unable to successfully manage their complex IT infrastructure as they try to keep pace with the latest industry best practices and technology developments.

The investment in and attempt to create a team of IT experts is a time-consuming venture that eventually takes away from our clients’ core business focus.

Wasla’s IT managed services offer businesses of all sizes and backgrounds a comprehensive approach to tailored support and management of the most demanding IT administration needs.

Designed to save financial and professional resources, our services are available 24/7, 365 days per year.


Server Management

Log monitoring and problem escalation, periodic deployment of updates and patches, and system and data backup

IT Helpdesk

Call logging, progress monitoring, problem management, change management, warranty management, remote support

Accounts Management

Review of business needs and establishment of user access policies, privilege adjustments, & addition and deletion of users

Network Management

Review of business needs & establishment of network virtual design, configuration of routers & switches (including VLans & VPNs)

Remotely Managed Apps

Management of system applications (Database, email, LDAP, etc.) and business applications (ERP, CRM, SCM, etc.)

Apps Development

Customer Relationship Management applications, Enterprise Intranet, Mobile apps, Hosting & disaster recovery

Security Management

Establishment of an external & internal security design, Configuration of firewalls, VPNs & virus protection

Telephony Management

Telephony as a service (Based on Aheeva and Cisco systems), Operations and support of Cisco, Avaya, Aheeva, Mitel VoIP systems


Our managed services methodology begins at project startup with detailed auditing and documentation and continues through all process of operations and support, driving user satisfaction and value all the way to continuous improvement cycle.

Business Analysis

Definition of Business requirements and IT strategy.

Definition & Documentation

Establishment of Service process & Policies.

Deployment of support

Providing the agreed support scheme (8×5 to 24×7).


Periodical & Incident reporting (Operational, Statistics).

We understand how critical the IT infrastructure to the operation & productivity

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